• There’s a large group of people under 50 that enjoy gambling but are not interested in current casino products, primarily slot machines
  • This latent market can be tapped into, but they grew up experiencing video games that were personal and portable
    • This market of untapped gamblers have demonstrated a propensity to gamble, but not through the conventional means


  • To appeal to these players, it is necessary to shift casino gambling from an unappealing content to something that will resonate with this presently untapped market: video games
  • We call this new form of casino gambling “Hybrid Play”
  • Our Hybrid Play games selectively merge gambling mechanics and video gaming mechanics to create rapid fire and highly social gambling experiences that will drive incremental revenue for casino operators
  • We view the natural location for this new gambling experience as the casino sports book because it supports group activities, multi-screening, and social interaction


  • To provide maximum flexibility for casinos, our patent-pending Hybrid Play platform supports integration across the casino, from the slot floor to the poker room, to the sports book
  • To appeal to video gamers, our Hybrid Play games:
    • Resolve quickly and allow for repeated play
    • Have peer-to-peer capability, don’t need large liquidity pools
    • Balanced with meaningful amounts of skill and chance
    • To ensure that our Hybrid Play games attract and retain player interest, we work with AAA titles and leading video game publishers, with an aim to license best-in-class games for our platform
    • To allow for greater scale, our Hybrid Play games are designed with a dominant skill component, meaning they can be legally offered online for real-money play in the majority of the United States