Virtual Media Group’s AI-based patented virtual wagering platform provides the best solution to grow race and sports books handle by:

  • Providing a regular stream of high-quality handicap-able wagering content
  • Keeping bettors active by providing alternatives to traditional racing and sports
  • Attracting new generations of bettors by offering “real-world” related virtual events

With over 10 years of product development in virtual and skill-based wagering, VMG has created a complete ecosystem driven to create new revenue streams for gaming operators. Our AI-based sports and racing platform has a delivery system that supports deployment statewide, nationwide, and worldwide. Virtual Media Group:

  • Has the only patented AI-based virtual sports wagering platform in the US
  • Offers pari-mutuel wagering with progressive exotics and pick-6 wagers
  • Provide a RNG-based virtual racing product active in over 60K US machines
  • Has nearly 1M installs of Breeders’ Cup partnered social game “Blazing Silks”
  • Provide reporting, player tracking, and life cycle marketing support

Our platform:

  • Being certified by BMM for approval by the Nevada Gaming, via our partnership with Competition Interactive
  • Is ready now and requires no capital investment on the part of casino or tracks;
  • Market tested: virtual sports betting is proven to grow handle by 15-35% everywhere it has been deployed
  • Scalable: once deployed, other verticals can be added with little capital investment